The Beastly Blog – Welcome! (and say “Hi!”)

In creating The Story Beast, the editors were imagining a place for storytellers to find resources, inspiration, and each other. As we said in the first edition of The Story Beast, this e-publication is a “Big Tent.” We encouraged you to revel in the words, the stories, and the art. We told you to stay awhile, enjoy, and that you were home.

The articles and stories have come from tellers from across the country and around the world. Since beginning in July 2022, we have received many encouraging emails and messages leading us to believe that the journal truly is generating thought, discussion, and, thankfully, joy. Now, we want to add a space where the storytelling community can come together to interact directly with one another. The articles and stories can serve as launching points for dialog and collaboration.

IfThe Story Beast is the communal tent, then this blog may serve as our dining table where we may share the bread of wisdom with one another, where we may warm each other with our fired imaginations, and where we may go continually to replenish ourselves with the gift of each other. 

We hope you will continue to send us your articles, stories, poems, and artwork, and we love receiving your feedback, even when you write to just say, “Hi.” Through The Story Beast, we feel that we have truly connected with you, our readers, who share the love of story. We hope this blog is a fitting addition to the journal, an added dimension, a safe and respectful place where you may find one another.  

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Published by The Story Beast e-pub

Sink your teeth into the latest on storytelling. We welcome content year-round from short stories to articles to poetry to visual art…and open to your ideas.

8 thoughts on “The Beastly Blog – Welcome! (and say “Hi!”)

  1. Hello! Thank you so very much for your hard work & great articles! It’s a great help and great way to communicate and give everyone an opportunity to share a story! I really appreciate being able to download it, so I can read at my own pace! Thank you!🙂


  2. Hello, wee beasties!
    I am soooooo looking forward to hearing from the storyteller residing in each of you.
    As far as storytelling tents go, the one where we sit to share a meal, a story, and each other; that is my favorite tent!

    Or so the story goes…


  3. What a fabulous addition to the literary & storytelling communities. The artwork, poetry, stories, resources & ideas shared in this innovative publication is valuable and priceless. I feel the same excitment in my heart and soul, when I use to get the Storytelling mag from NSN back in the day. My has time flown & storytelling grown, thanks to Story Beast, we will all stay connected in the joy of storytelling.


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