Thank You to Oni Lasana!

We always love hearing from you. What has sparked your interest? Would you recommend us to a friend or two or more? Of course, you can send us your thoughts by comments on this blog, comments on our YouTube Channel, or even the “traditional” way of sending an email. Thank you to Oni Lasana toContinue reading “Thank You to Oni Lasana!”

“Winged Words” issue is out!

Click on the picture to jump to the Spring 2023 of Issue 7 (or technically Volume 2, Issue 1). March heralds in the Spring Equinox, when the Sun crosses the Equator heading North and the hours of the day equals those of the night.  Spring is in the air, the birds are returning from theirContinue reading ““Winged Words” issue is out!”

Winged Words – still time!

Have you thought about how oral storytelling makes you feel? Or those around you? What would you do with “Winged Words” for a story, poem, article, or visual art? Share your hunger for stories. Feel fee to email us at The Story Beast is produced with the support of Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST).Continue reading “Winged Words – still time!”

Who is the Crone? Does it matter?

Dearest Crone is one part of many of The Story Beast e-publication. You know of Dear Abby? Well, this is our version. Dearest Crone has advice ranging from: * Business & Marketing * Story Crafting * Ethics * And whatever she darn well pleases But…the identity of this Crone remains a mystery. Do not beContinue reading “Who is the Crone? Does it matter?”

Call for 2023 Submissions

We are excited to invite you and others you know to share submissions with The Story Beast, a big-tent e-publication, where we strive to offer innovative and engaging storytelling to all. And free. Enjoy this 1 1/2 minute video on the themes for 2023. You can still share submissions beyond the themes. Share your hungerContinue reading “Call for 2023 Submissions”

“Guiding Lights” issue is out!

Click on the picture to jump to our archive page with all our issues including Issue 6. Winter has come and the Holidays and the Solstice are around the corner.  It is a time of transition and change, as we reflect on the year which has past and the New Year, which beckons us onward. Continue reading ““Guiding Lights” issue is out!”

“Eternally Grateful” issue is out!

Click on the picture to jump to our archive page with all our issues including Issue 5. The leaves have turned their brilliant shades, the air is crisp, and the Days of Feasting and Celebration approach. For us at The Story Beast it is also a time of reflection and gratitude. In keeping with ourContinue reading ““Eternally Grateful” issue is out!”