BEASTLY Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have questions? Here are some common ones. Feel free to email with any other questions.

Q: How can I view or enjoy THE STORY BEAST?

A: You have two options to enjoy the publication. You can download the pdf (see gray button on Archive page) or you can view it like a magazine through ISSUU (see blue button on Archive page).

Q: When I choose the ISSUU way to view it, it says I need to download Wave Browser. Do I really need to download Wave Browser?

A: You do not have to download the Wave Browser.  You can do the following:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the button that says “Read _________” with the month/year of the issue such as “Read July 2022 Issue.”  A letter-sized gray box should pop up.  In the lower right hand corner of that box are four brackets outlining a rectangle.  If you hover over it, it will say Fullscreen. 
  3. Click on that symbol and the e-Publication will fill your screen.  
  4. Click on the right or left arrows at the edges of your screen to turn the pages of the e-Pub.  To get out of Fullscreen mode, you can hit the ESC button on your keyboard or click on the four reversed brackets in the lower right corner of the screen.  

Q: Is THE STORY BEAST part of NSN (National Storytelling Network)?

A: THE STORY BEAST (TSB) is an independent entity.  TSB is made up of volunteers who have a love of stories and are dedicated to supporting and building the worldwide storytelling community.

Q: Why was THE STORY BEAST created?

A: We wanted to create a safe place for story artists, story lovers, and creatives of all artforms to exchange ideas, learn of new resources, and to be inspired. We envision this e-Pub to be a “Big Tent,” where all are welcomed and where readers are limited only by their imagination.  Revel in the words, stories, and art of our community.  Stay a while.  Enjoy.  You are home.

Q: How often do editions come out? What are the deadlines for submissions?

A: We come out quarterly in connection to the Seasons/Equinoxes/Solstices on the 15th of the following months and themes: March (Winged Words), June (Bright Babblings), September (Under the Tome & Tombs), December (Peaceful Ponderings). When we kicked off on July 15, 2022, we had monthly from July-November and then transitioned to this quarterly way to add exciting multimedia experiences with blog and vlog posts, videos, and single articles and stories.

March 2023 Issue: Articles and Stories due February 1, 2023

Theme: Winged Words

June 2023 Issue: Articles and Stories due May 1, 2023

Theme: Bright Babblings

September 2023 Issue: Articles and Stories due August 1, 2023

Theme: Under the Tome & Tombs

December 2023 Issue: Articles and Stories due November 1, 2023

Theme: Peaceful Ponderings

What Happens Throughout the Year:

January – Blog Blitz on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on past December issue

February – Videos & Vlogs on Mondays on past December issue

March – The Story Beast e-publication (flagship) comes out on the 15th

April – Blog Blitz on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on past March issue

May – Videos & Vlogs on Mondays on past March issue

June – The Story Beast e-publication (flagship) comes out on the 15th

July – Blog Blitz on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on past June issue

August – Videos & Vlogs on Mondays on past June issue

September – The Story Beast e-publication (flagship) comes out on the 15th

October – Blog Blitz on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on past September issue

November – Videos & Vlogs on Mondays on past September issue

December – The Story Beast e-publication (flagship) comes out on the 15th

Shared Randomly Throughout the Year:

We will publish previews of articles and stories as well as one-time-only “Beast Bites” randomly during January-February, April-May, July-August, and October-November. These shorter works will be archived on a separate webpage to the e-publications for ease of access ( as well as posting in The Beastly Blog (

Q: How does one submit work to THE STORY BEAST?

A: This is your e-Publication, so please send in your articles, stories, poems, and artwork to Use the subject line to say “Article” or “Story” or whichever section you think it would best fit (see submission guidelines). Also let us know how we are doing. Send us your feedback, comments, and questions. And you can also just say, “Hi.”

Q: What is the process once any piece is submitted no matter if for challenges, articles, stories, etc.?

A: For our submission process, each piece is logged and read. Submissions are retained for three months for review.  Section Leads go through the submissions each month and select submissions they would like to add to their sections.  If you are accepted elsewhere during this three month interval and are no longer able to be published by THE STORY BEAST, please let us know.  At three months, all remaining submissions are reviewed by the editors.  If a place cannot be found for a submission, we will email the artist and let them know we are unable to take their submission at this time.

Q: How can someone follow or subscribe to THE BEASTLY BLOG?

A: At the bottom of every webpage at, you will see a rectangle to type your email by a green button to get emailed notifications every time we post on THE BEASTLY BLOG at Be sure to check your spam/junk folder and/or add it on your “safe” list with your email service. If you happen to use WordPress for your website and/or blog, you can also click on the blue rectangle on the bottom of each webpage to “follow” us and your following will be indicated by adding to our counter. Finally, anyone can email and ask to be added to our email list linked to our blog.

Q: What are your plans with your YouTube Channel?

A: We ask every contributor to create selfie videos that reveal behind-the-scenes and reflections of their pieces. You will see the most videos in the month of February, May, August, and November. Yet, we will call for submissions and share instructional videos throughout the year. These videos will be shared on the YouTube Channel at You can subscribe or see them featured in our blog.

Q: Who are the Spirits of the Beast?

A: The Spirits of the Beast is made up of the Editor-In-Chief and the Managing Editors of THE STORY BEAST.